Educational Monitoring

Education is the prerequisite for social participation and personal development. The educational researchers at DIPF continuously collect data on the education sector, observe and analyse change processes and co-ordinate the central instrument of educational monitoring in Germany, the National Report on Education.

At the Institute, educational monitoring is regarded as a continuous and data based observation and analysis of the education system. The scope ranges from individual processes of acquiring education to institutional settings and societal conditions. The National Report on Education (Nationaler Bildungsbericht, “Education in Germany”) is the central instrument of such monitoring in Germany. The biennial report offers comprehensive empirical accounts of the entire education system. DIPF has acted as a co-ordinator of the national educational reports since the first volume in 2006, and will continue to do so. International large scale assessments provide an important data source for educational monitoring, and DIPF is committed to its further involvement in this regard. The results are provided both to educational administration  and education institutions for their quality development.