Research Data for Educational Research

Research data are a strategic priority at DIPF: following its two areas of work, research and information in education, DIPF is unique in bringing together competencies from the disciplines of education science, computer science and information science. Subject to Research Data Education Alliance (VerbundFDB) and the Research Data Centre for Education (FDZ Bildung), DIPF provides valuable sustainable services to educational researchers. Furthermore a particular focus lies on using digital technologies for research on education matters from the fields of educational science, the humanities and cultural sciences (eHumanities). DIPF coordinates the development of different data infrastructures in Germany.

Based on a continuous dialogue with the expert community and its own research in computer and information science, DIPF runs and develops state of the art science infrastructures that process and document educational information geared to user needs. It provides research data services as well as library and archive holdings. The Forschungsdatenzentrum Bildung (FDZ Bildung) at DIPF, a centre for research data on education, is the central point of contact for educational researchers, providing qualitative datasets and quantitative instruments from research mainly on school and instructional quality. The Institute's task is to take a leading role in enabling central access to nationally distributed data in educational research. In the pilot project Verbund Forschungsdaten Bildung (Alliance for Research Education Data), DIPF cooperates with the Institut zur Qualitätsentwicklung im Bildungswesen (Institute for Educational Quality Improvement, IQB) and the GESIS – Leibniz-Institut für Sozialwissenschaften (Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences) to create and operate a national data archiving and research infrastructure. Moreover, DIPF supports the eHumanities with digital technologies and data for research in the humanities and cultural sciences, e. g. by offering digitised texts and images from the Research Library for the History of Education’s stocks. In addition, the Institute conducts research on, develops and tests digital technologies that support collaborative research processes.


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