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Prof. Dr. Eckhard Klieme

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Educational Quality and Evaluation

Department of Educational Quality and Evaluation

Schloßstraße 29
60486 Frankfurt am Main

+49 (0)69-24708-107



Academic and professional career

Detailed curriculum vitae

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Eckhard Klieme (pdf)


2000 Habilitation in Educational Science, Freie Universität Berlin
1988 Dr. phil. in Psychology, University of Bonn
1981 Diploma in Psychology University of Bonn
1978 Diploma in Mathematics, University of Bonn

Curriculum Vitae

2014/2015 Distinguished Fellow at the Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, Boston Academy
2013/2014 Visiting Scholar at Educational Testing Service (ETS), Princeton
Winter 2008/09 Visiting Scholar at the Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards and Student Testing (CRESST), University of California, Los Angeles and at the Graduate School of Education, Stanford University, Palo Alto
2006 Appointment to the University  of  Zurich (successor to Prof. Dr. Helmut Fend, refused)
2004-2008 Director of the German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF)
Since 2001 Professor (C4/W3) for Educational Science at Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main
Since 2001 Director of the Department for “Educational Quality and Evaluation“ at DIPF, Frankfurt am Main
1998-2001 Academic staff member at the Max–Planck Institute for Human Development , research area “Educational Science and Educational Systems”, Berlin
1986-1989 Lecturer at the Institute for Psychology, University of Bonn
1983-1997 Academic staff member at the Institute for Research on tests and Giftedness, Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes [German Academic Foundation], Bonn
1971-1981 Studied Mathematics, Communication Science, Psychology and Pedagogy, University of Bonn


2014 Honorary doctoral degree, University of Liège
2014 Research award from the German Society ffor Educational Science (DGfE)
2013 Honorary Professor, Durham University
2010 Science prize "Society needs Science“ awarrded by Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft
1971-1977 Scholarship holder, Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes [German National Academic Foundation]

Current work and research priorities

Research priorities

  • School effectiveness and instructional quality
  • Assessment of (student) achievement in schools (large-scale assessment, formative assessment)
  • Evaluation in education
  • International-comparative  educational research

Teaching priorities

  • Research on school education and instruction
  • Educational measurement (competencies, achievement)
  • Educational monitoring and international comparison
  • Quantitative research methods




Academic functions and activities (selected)

2014/15 Chair of the evaluating commission at the German Center for Mathematics Teacher Education (DZLM)
Since 2014 Visiting Panel member at the  Educational Testing Service
Since 2012 Member of the Advisory Board, Center for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM), Durham University
Since 2012 Member of the Advisory Board, German Youth Institute, Munich
Since 2012 Member of the Steering Committee for CIDER (College for InderDisciplinary Educational Research)
Since 2010 Deputy Chair of the Centre ffor international Student Assessment (ZIB)
2009-2013 Member of the Advisory Board, Institute for Educational Research, Innovation & Development of Schools in Austria (bifie), Salzburg
Since 2008 Member of the Scientific Advisory Board  at the  Center for Research on Individual Development and Adaptive Education (IDeA), run by  DIPF and Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
Since 2008 Member of the Foundation Council for the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education  (IPN), Kiel
Since 2007 Representative for Germany at the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA)
2007-2013 Initiator and speaker of the priority programme “Competence Models for Assessing Individual Learning Outcomes and Evaluating Processes”, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)  (together with Prof. D. Leutner)
2008-2011 Co-ordinator of the EARLI Special Interest Group (SIG 18) “Educational Effectiveness”
2003-2006 Chair of the working group (AEPF) and Section 4 , “Empirical educational research“, German Society for Educational Science (DGfE)
1992-1997 Member of the Board of Trustees, im Institute for Educational ResearcInstitut für Bildungsforschung e. V. (IBF)

Scholarly committees

2014-2015 Chair of the evaluating commission, German Center for Mathematics Teacher Education (DZLM)
Since 2014 Visiting Panel member at Educational Testing Service
Since 2012 Member of the Advisory Board, Center for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM), Durham University
Since 2012 Member of the Advisory Board, German Youth Institute, Munich
2009-2013 Member Advisory Board, Institute for Educational Research, Innovation & Development for Schools in Austria, (bifie), Salzburg
Since 2008 Foundation Council member at the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education, Kiel

Functions regarding journals

Since 2014 Member of the Editorial Board, “American Educational Research Journal – Teaching, Learning and Human Development”
Since 2013 Member of the Editorial Board,, “Frontline Learning Research“
Since 2012 Member of the Editorial Board , “Educational Assessment“
Since 2011 Member of the Scientific Board, “Zeitschrift für Bildungsforschung“
Since 2009 Member of the Editorial Board,  “Die Deutsche Schule“
Since 2008 Member oft he Editorial Board, “„Zeitschrift für Entwicklungspsychologie und Pädagogische Psychologie“ (ZEPP)
Since 2004 Member of the Advisory Board,  “International Journal of Research & Method in Education”
Since 2004 Co-editor of “Zeitschrift für Pädagogik“

Functions and activities for educational policy and educational practice (selected)

Since 2013 Deputy Chair of the Society for the Promotion of Pedagogical Research [Gesellschaft zur Förderung Pädagogischer Forschung (GFPF)]
Since 2011 Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board, “Education and Giftedness” [Bildung & Begabung e. V], Bonn
2010-2014 Chair of the PISA Questionnaire Expert Group
2006-2012 Member of the jury for the German School Prize
2006-2008 Chair of the authoring group for the German national report on education
2005-2008 Member of the International Expert Group for the OECD  “Teaching and Learning International Survey“ (TALIS)
2002-2003 Chair of the expert group for the development of national standards in education
Since 2001 Member of the International Expert Group for the PISA study, OECD
1991-1997 Advisor to the School Ministry in Luxembourg

Leadership respectively co-leaderrship of research projects (selected)

Research on Instruction

2009-2014 Individual intervention and adaptive learning opportunities in primary school education (IDeA projectIGEL)
2007-2014 Use and effects of competence assessment in mathematics learning processes ; project in the DFG priority programme ”Competence Models for Assessing Individual Learning Outcomes and Evaluating Processes“
2000-2006 Instructional quality and mathematics understanding in different instructional cultures;  project in the DFG priority programme “Educational Quality“
1998-2001 TIMSS video study
1996-1999 DFG project “Promoting physics competence and systemic thinking by computer-based modelling systems“
1992-1994 Modelling and simulation in lower secondary instruction

Instructional research

Since 2012 Schools and their transformation
Since 2004 Study on the Development of All-day schools (StEG)
2001-2006 Evaluation of the  model programme “Learning and living democracy“, funded by the government and the federal states

Large Scale Assessment

Since 2014 PISA 2018: questionnaire development
2011-2016 Development of questionnaires and analytical framework concepts for PISA 2015
2007-2011 PISA 2009/ Germany – National Project Management
1998-2002 PISA 2000 – National supplement, „Measurement of General Problem-solving Competencies”
2002-2003 Comparison of school education systems in selected PISA countries (international project, commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Education and Rresearch)
2001-2006 DESI (national assessment of student achievement for German and English (commissioned by KMK)

Selected talks

  • Klieme, E. (05.12.2014). Steuerungswissen revisited: Zur Bedeutung der Bildungsforschung für Politik und Administration. [Governance knowledge revisited. On the relevance of educational research for politics and administration] Presentation held at ZfE Forum on the topic “Criticism of empirical educational research“, Hamburg (Germany).
  • Klieme, E. (23.10.2014). Introduction to the German Education System. Presentation, 18th Annual Grantmakers for Education Conference, Miami, (USA).
  • Klieme, E. (23.09.2014). Measuring Teaching Quality. Conference “30 Years of Evidence in Education: How has Research Transformed our Work in Practice, and What are the Key Messages for the Future?”, Durham University (United Kingdom).
  • Klieme, E. (14.12.2013). Formative Assessment, Teaching Quality and Student Learning: Findings from Group Randomised Trials. Presentation, ETS, Princeton (USA).
  • Klieme, E. (21.11.2013). Schulqualität, Schuleffektivität und Schulentwicklung. [School quality, school effectiveness and school improvement] Presentation, 2nd conference of the working group for school quality, Wiesbaden (Germany).
  • Klieme, E. (10.10.2013). Forschung für und über Schulreform: 'Ganztag' als Modellfall. [Research for and on school reform. Tthe model of all-day schools] Presentation at the conference on all-day schooling - “Bildung über den ganzen Tag. Forschungs- und Theorieperspektiven der Erziehungswissenschaft“, Berlin (Germany).
  • Klieme, E. & Schwippert, K. (09.10.2013). Coordination of Assessment at the National and State Levels in Germany. Presentation at the 54th IEA General Assembly, Lisbon ((Portugal).
  • Klieme, E. (23.07.2013). Jenseits von PISA und IGLU: Wie Bildungsforschung der pädagogischen Praxis nutzt. [Beyond PISA and PIRLS: How educational research benefits pedagogical practice.] Presentation at the BiKS conference on educational processes, competence development and selection decisions in pre-primary school age and school age, Bamberg ( Germany).
  • Klieme, E. (14.03.2012).  Presentation, 2nd congress of the German Society for Educational Science on “Educational scientific border-crossing“, Osnabrück (Germany).
  • Klieme, E. (04.07.2012). Current challenges of International student assessment. Presentation at the 8th Conference of the ITC on “Modern Advances in Assessment: Testing and Digital Technology, Policies and Guidelines”, Amsterdam (the Netherlands).
  • Klieme, E. (18.03.2011). The Role of Large Scale Assessments in Research on Educational Effectiveness and School Development. Presentation for the conference on “The Role of International Large Scale Assessments in Educational Policy”, Princeton (USA).         


Publications (DIPF database of publications)

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