elbe – Parental Counseling at Primary Schools

The project elbe addressed the cooperation of teachers and parents, focusing in particular on parental counseling.

Project Description

It has been shown that the cooperation between teachers and parents has a positive influence on the development of school performance and behavior of children. Counseling interviews are considered an important starting point to create adaptive learning environments at home: Strategies for supporting the child in the classroom and at home can be explored and agreed on cooperatively. Thus, a more intensive individual support can be established. The project elbe aimed to answer three research questions:

  1. What is the current situation of parental counseling at primary schools?
  2. How can the counseling competence of (prospective) teachers be developed by professional development workshops?
  3. What impact do professional development workshops have on everyday school experience?

The findings of the project contribute significantly to main aspects of the research area of teacher proficiency and cooperation of school and parental home.




Goethe University Frankfurt

Selected Publications

Hertel, S., Bruder, S., Jude, N., & Steinert, B. (2013). Elternberatung an Schulen im Sekundarbereich: Schulische Rahmenbedingungen, Beratungsangebote der Lehrkräfte und Nutzung von Beratung durch die Eltern. In N. Jude & E. Klieme (Hrsg.), PISA 2009 - Impulse für die Schul- und Unterrichtsforschung (S. 40-62). Weinheim: Beltz.

Hertel, S. (2011) Elternberatung an Grundschulen, Projekt „elbe“ - erste Ergebnisse und Implikationen. In G. Botte (Hrsg.), Grundschulen und ‚ihre’ Eltern – innovative Kooperationskonzepte (S. 40-43). Offenbach am Main: Lernen vor Ort.

Hertel, S. (2009). Beratungskompetenz von Lehrern. Kompetenzdiagnostik, Kompetenzförderung und Kompetenzmodellierung. Münster: Waxmann.

Project Management

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Eckhard Klieme

Project Details

Completed Projects
Department: Teacher and Teaching Quality
1/2009 – 6/2014
External funding