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Prof. Dr. Eckhard Klieme

  Klieme Direktor/-in


Educational Quality and Evaluation

Schloßstraße 29
60486 Frankfurt am Main

+49 (0)69-24708-107



Academic and professional career

Detailed curriculum vitae

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Eckhard Klieme (pdf)


Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests

Research priorities

  • School effectiveness and instructional quality
  • Assessment of (student) achievement in schools (large-scale assessment, formative assessment)
  • Evaluation in education
  • International-comparative  educational research

Teaching priorities

  • Research on school education and instruction
  • Educational measurement (competencies, achievement)
  • Educational monitoring and international comparison
  • Quantitative research methods



Academic functions and activities (selected)

Scholarly committees

Functions regarding journals

Functions and activities for educational policy and educational practice (selected)

Leadership respectively co-leaderrship of research projects (selected)

Research on Instruction

Instructional research

Large Scale Assessment

Selected talks

  • Klieme, E. (05.12.2014). Steuerungswissen revisited: Zur Bedeutung der Bildungsforschung für Politik und Administration. [Governance knowledge revisited. On the relevance of educational research for politics and administration] Presentation held at ZfE Forum on the topic “Criticism of empirical educational research“, Hamburg (Germany).
  • Klieme, E. (23.10.2014). Introduction to the German Education System. Presentation, 18th Annual Grantmakers for Education Conference, Miami, (USA).
  • Klieme, E. (23.09.2014). Measuring Teaching Quality. Conference “30 Years of Evidence in Education: How has Research Transformed our Work in Practice, and What are the Key Messages for the Future?”, Durham University (United Kingdom).
  • Klieme, E. (14.12.2013). Formative Assessment, Teaching Quality and Student Learning: Findings from Group Randomised Trials. Presentation, ETS, Princeton (USA).
  • Klieme, E. (21.11.2013). Schulqualität, Schuleffektivität und Schulentwicklung. [School quality, school effectiveness and school improvement] Presentation, 2nd conference of the working group for school quality, Wiesbaden (Germany).
  • Klieme, E. (10.10.2013). Forschung für und über Schulreform: 'Ganztag' als Modellfall. [Research for and on school reform. Tthe model of all-day schools] Presentation at the conference on all-day schooling - “Bildung über den ganzen Tag. Forschungs- und Theorieperspektiven der Erziehungswissenschaft“, Berlin (Germany).
  • Klieme, E. & Schwippert, K. (09.10.2013). Coordination of Assessment at the National and State Levels in Germany. Presentation at the 54th IEA General Assembly, Lisbon ((Portugal).
  • Klieme, E. (23.07.2013). Jenseits von PISA und IGLU: Wie Bildungsforschung der pädagogischen Praxis nutzt. [Beyond PISA and PIRLS: How educational research benefits pedagogical practice.] Presentation at the BiKS conference on educational processes, competence development and selection decisions in pre-primary school age and school age, Bamberg ( Germany).
  • Klieme, E. (14.03.2012).  Presentation, 2nd congress of the German Society for Educational Science on “Educational scientific border-crossing“, Osnabrück (Germany).
  • Klieme, E. (04.07.2012). Current challenges of International student assessment. Presentation at the 8th Conference of the ITC on “Modern Advances in Assessment: Testing and Digital Technology, Policies and Guidelines”, Amsterdam (the Netherlands).
  • Klieme, E. (18.03.2011). The Role of Large Scale Assessments in Research on Educational Effectiveness and School Development. Presentation for the conference on “The Role of International Large Scale Assessments in Educational Policy”, Princeton (USA).         


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