Assessing Individualized Instruction in the Classroom

Assessing Individualized Instruction in the Classroom
@Gorodenkoff –
Aug 25, 2022
Interdepartmental collaboration for an article in the journal Learning and Instruction

In their study, Garvin Brod, Hanna Dumont, Ulrike Hartmann and Leo Tetzlaff assess individualized instruction in the classroom by comparing the perspectives of teachers, students and observers.

They conclude, among other things, that individualised instruction can be reliably assessed from different perspectives and that the ratings of students and external observers are significantly correlated but do not agree with the teachers' self-reports.

The study was conducted in interdepartmental collaboration between the departments Education and Human Development, Teacher and Teaching Quality and Educational Governance.

The printed edition is planned to be published in December 2022. It is already freely available in open access: