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Educational Governance

The department of Educational Governance focuses on the political and administrative structure of the educational system.


The department of Educational Governance focuses its work on investigating educational attainment processes. Societal, structural and institutional conditions influencing processes of educational attainment are analysed; the system’s potential to achieve is explored as well as assurance of equal opportunities and the effectiveness of governance instruments.

In particular, the department is concerned with analysing the role institutional and individual factors play for the success respectively failure of developmental processes. Amongst others, one priority concerns the analysis of transitions in education and educational pathways, together with their consequences for further educational attainment depending on individual resources and institutional respectively organisational characteristics of the education system.

Research findings deliver important incentives to efficient and sustainable governance in education, at the same time they enter into educational reporting.

Central projects of the department are the national report “Education in Germany” as well as the BERLIN Study, a scientific monitoring of the school structure reform in Berlin.

Director: Prof. Dr. Kai Maaz



last modified Jul 25, 2017
last modified Jul 25, 2017
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