EABU – Emergence and Reducation of Educational Inequalities in Childhood and Adolescence

The research group aims to identify the causes of educational inequalities, analyse changes over time and identify the risks and opportunities of digitalization to reduce educational inequalities.

Project Description

The research group "Emergence and reduction of educational inequalities in childhood and adolescence" deals with the question of the relationship between social background, digitalization and education in primary and secondary school. To this end, the team determines the extent to which digital conditions differ according to social background, what effects the various conditions have on educational success, what processes and mechanisms can be used to explain educational inequalities and how the correlations change over time. Based on various data sets and with regard to different actors (pupils, parents, teachers), the mechanisms between social background, education-related digitalization and educational inequality will be identified. The central aim of the research group is to identify the risks of digitalization, but also the opportunities it offers to reduce educational inequalities.

Project Objectives

  1. Situation analysis of the association between social background and education-related digitalization
  2. Analysis of the underlying mechanisms between social background, education-related digitalization and education
  3. Changes in the individual life course and cohort analysis


Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education

Project Management

Dr. Markus Lörz

Project Team

Yannick Stelter

Project Details

Current project
Areas of focus
Department: Educational Governance
Unit: Educational Inequalities and Reducing Educational Barriers
Education Sectors: Early Childhood Education, Primary and Secondary Education
12/2023 – 12/2029
Contact: Dr. Markus Lörz, Academic Staff