SchuMaS - Schule macht stark

The research alliance “SchuMaS – Schule macht stark” accompanies and supports the development of 200 primary and secondary schools in challenging circumstances across Germany.

Project Description

When seeking to mitigate social inequalities, schools have recently come into focus. The Federal Government (Bund) and the states (Länder) have launched the initiative “Schule macht stark” and thus the first nationwide programme to support schools in challenging circumstances. The initiative will run for ten years, and it is structured into two phases, each spanning five years. In the first phase, a total number of 200 schools in challenging circumstances are supported in mastering their particular challenges. They will be collaborating closely with researchers in the joint development of approaches and concepts to strengthen the schools and better support the students. In the second phase, a focus is placed on transferring the concepts practitioners and scientists have developed to further schools.

The research alliance “SchuMaS – Schule macht stark” is interdisciplinary and chaired by DIPF. It targets a continuous collaboration with the schools. Specific problems and background conditions of the schools are taken into perspective. Basic and supplementary modules will be developed in four content areas (so-called “content clusters”).

The goal is to 1) develop teaching – paying special attention to mathematics and German; (2) qualify pedagogical staff more specifically; (3) further develop the schools as organizations, school culture and leadership actions and (4) promote extracurricular learning and support in the social environment.

The concrete shape, implementation and evaluation of the modules are subject to a close and continual exchange between research and schools. The collaboration is organised across four regional centres of the alliance (so-called “regional SchuMaS centres”). These centres will accompany, advise and support individual schools and school networks (so-called “SchuMaS school alliances”).

Besides the content clusters, three other research work groups are part of the research alliance (so-called “meta clusters”). They (1) evaluate the effectiveness of the approaches and concepts; (2) technically and methodologically support the collection and processing of empirical data; and (3) strengthen the alignment and coherence.

Project Objectives

  • Improvement of schools and instruction at 200 schools across Germany in socially challenging circumstances over a period of 5 years
  • (further) development of effective approaches and concepts to school and instructional development, which can be transferred to other schools after five years
  • Research and practice learn from each other
  • The core aims are: increase of basic competencies in German and mathematics, of motivation to learn and of social competencies


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Current project
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Education Sectors: Extracurricular Learning, Primary and Secondary Education
01/2021 – 12/2025
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Contact: Sabina Künneth, Coordinator