Technology-Based Assessment

The "Technology-Based Assessment" unit (TBA) investigates how assessment procedures (e.g., competency tests) can be improved, extended, and made practically usable through digital methods.


The TBA unit develops and tests novel measurement concepts and uses continuous behavioural data to efficiently assess learning prerequisites, outcomes, and processes. The application of algorithms for the automatic evaluation of open answers and the implementation of assessments for the individual support of the learning process are also key areas of work. The research unit is anchored in the Centre for International Student Assessment (ZIB). In the ZIB research, which focuses on international large-scale assessment, we conduct PISA add-on studies on new measurement procedures and on content-related questions. The TBA unit is part of the interdisciplinary TBA Centre. It supports educational research institutions and projects in the application of technology-based assessment by providing the result of its research and development as well as infrastructures. It is also committed to leveraging the benefits of technology-based assessment into practice (transfer).


Teacher and Teaching Quality

The department of Teacher and Teaching Quality (TTQ) focuses on the investigation of quality and effectiveness of educational processes.


Prof. Dr. Frank Goldhammer



Astrid Henkel, M.A.