Teaching and Learning in School Contexts

The unit "Teaching and Learning in School Contexts" studies instructional processes that are particularly suitable for promoting students' cognitive and motivational developments respectively how teachers can succeed in creating such conducive learning environments.


The research unit "Teaching and Learning in School Contexts" is concerned with research into high-quality instruction and the competence that teachers need in order to design such instruction. We focus on exploring three major aspects of high-quality instruction, this is, cognitive activation, learning support and classroom management. We investigate the measurement of these aspects, their differential effectiveness for students with different learning backgrounds and the cognitive processes they evoke in students. Antoher research focus is the investigation of the measurement, development and promotion of teachers' professional competence. Professional competence is defined as the knowledge, beliefs and motivation that teachers need in order to conduct high-quality instruction in heterogeneous classrooms. We investigate the development of this competence not only in university teacher education but also across the practical induction phase and later on in the workplace.


Teacher and Teaching Quality

The department of Teacher and Teaching Quality (TTQ) focuses on the investigation of quality and effectiveness of educational processes.


Prof. Dr. Mareike Kunter



Stefanie Sterzel