PaTH – Participative Knowledge Transfer between University and School Practice

In the PaTH project, we investigate how educational research and school practice work together in Germany. We aim to understand the potentials, challenges, and developmental processes associated with such collaboration.

Project Description

Innovation and change in the education system can be more effective when education research and schools collaborate closely. However, the one-sided transfer of research results into school practice often fails to reach teachers and does not address their needs. Research-Practice-Partnerships (RPPs) provide an alternative approach. They entail a mutual and continuous collaboration between researchers and school practitioners, where both sides learn from each other. Such partnerships allow research results to be tested and properly implemented in schools, as well as helping researchers adapt their work to meet the needs of practitioners. By facilitating constant feedback between practitioners and researchers, they foster continuous innovation. RPPs enable a sustainable transfer of research findings into practice and promote the development of evidence-based interventions that are relevant and feasible for schools. The PaTH project aims to identify existing Research-Practice-Partnerships in Germany, and through in-depth case studies, to compare and analyze individual partnerships with regard to their challenges and developmental processes. The project aims to contribute to the advancement of Research-Practice-Partnerships in Germany.

Project Plan

The project consists of three consecutive studies:

Study 1: Development of criteria for comparing Research-Practice-Partnerships in Germany

Study 2: Systematic documentation of Research-Practice-Partnerships in Germany

Study 3: Analysis of potentials, challenges, and developmental processes of Research-Practice-Partnerships in Germany

Project Objectives

The PaTH project will use internationally recognized criteria to create an overview of RPP activities in Germany. It will also gain insights into the potentials, challenges, and developmental processes of partnerships. The findings of the PaTH project will contribute to the advancement of RPPs in Germany and thereby promote change and innovation in education.


Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Project Management

Project Team

Project Details

Current project
Area of Focus Transfer and Transfer Research
Department: Teacher and Teaching Quality
Education Sectors: Higher Education, Science
08/2022 – 07/2025
External funding
Contact: Dr. Desiree Theis, Academic Staff