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How can educational researchers, school practitioners and teacher educators in Frankfurt collaborate and benefit from each other with a long-term perspective? In the Campus Schools Program, we are establishing a cooperative school program with schools from Frankfurt and the surrounding area. The central aims of the Campus Schools Program are the development of an infrastructure for sustainable collaboration between research, teacher education, and school practice, as well the implementation of different services, so that participants from the central educational institutions in Frankfurt can collaborate.

Project Description

Participants from educational research, school practice and (initial) teacher education repeatedly report that access to and exchange with the other educational sectors is difficult. In order to improve access and collaboration at the boundary between educational sectors, a Campus Schools Program is to be established in the form of a three-year pilot project.

The program is directed at (inclusive) primary schools, secondary schools (vocational and intermediate track), comprehensive schools, and schools for children with special needs in Frankfurt and the surrounding area which are interested in an exchange with educational research. To set up the Campus Schools Program, the DIPF collaborates with the Academy for Educational Research and Teacher Training (ABL) at Goethe University. In addition, the program is supported by IDeA - Centre for Individual Development and Adaptive Education of Children at Risk, which is located at the DIPF. The Campus Schools Program includes low-threshold services that speak to the needs of educational research, school practice and (initial) teacher training and invites to participate in collaborative actions: schools should benefit more directly from research and research should benefit more directly from schools; stakeholders from (initial) teacher education and researchers can bring new research findings into school practice via a continuous dialogue with stakeholders from school practice. At the same time, they gain insights into practical everyday school life.

By establishing an infrastructure at the central educational research institutions (DIPF and GU) in Frankfurt under the leadership of the DIPF, we want to facilitate access and permeability between schools, research institutions and (initial) teacher training. In the Campus Schools Program, collaboration can vary in their degrees of intensity. This takes into account that schools have different wishes and needs for cooperation with educational research. Collaboration programs can range from bundled information on a specific topic or lectures to training courses or workshops for school staff. These services are realized by researchers at DIPF, ABL and IDeA Centre.

In addition, we will intensify collaboration with schools that are interested in aspects of school development and joint research projects. Within this framework, principals or steering boards at school will get the opportunity to work with researchers to identify relevant topics in which the school would like to work on improving their pedagogical practices. In this way, schools can enter into a longer-term research and development process. For all cooperation programs, it is important that all participants are equally involved and that both sides can benefit from the cooperation. For example, schools can grant access to their daily practice, and student learning by participating in research projects, providing observation opportunities for young researchers and students, or providing feedback from and to school practice on research proposals or products.

Project Objectives

The aim of the Campus Schools Program is to create a centrally coordinated infrastructure for close cooperation between educational research, school practice and (initial) teacher training in Frankfurt and the surrounding area, and to sustain this structure. A range of services tailored to the needs of the stakeholders is intended to help promote a dialogue between schools and educational research/(initial) teacher training as well as partnership-based cooperation. A further goal is the development of sustainable partnerships between schools and researchers in order to establish scientifically supported school development processes.


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11/2022 – 10/2025
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