QuaD-GT – Research-based Dialogue regarding the Quality of Extracurricular Activities

In collaboration with policymakers and practitioners, the project develops guidelines for high-quality extracurricular activities, which are published in print and online.

Project Description

The project assumes that a large variety of relevant studies regarding extracurricular activities exists. Yet, policymakers and practitioners seem not to be fully aware of and/or have access to these studies. The project has two main aims: First, the published results are going to be discussed with policymakers and practitioners in different regions in Germany. In this way, concrete guidelines for high-quality extracurricular activities are developed. Second, these guidelines are published in print and online, so that relevant stakeholders can access them.

Project Objectives

The objectives are: 1) Development of concrete guidelines for high-quality extracurricular activities in collaboration with policymakers and practitioners. 2) Publication of these guidelines.



Project Management

Project Team

Project Details

Current project
Area of Focus Transfer and Transfer Research
Department: Educational Governance
Unit: Educational Structures and Reforms
Education Sector: Primary and Secondary Education
06/2020 – 12/2021
External funding
Contact: Dr. Stephan Kielblock, Coordinator