FDZ Bildung – Research Data Centre for Education

FDZ Bildung archives and provides research data and instruments for secondary analyses in compliance with data protection regulations. The services include data sets and instruments, contextual information on the studies of origin of the data and instruments as well as related publications.


Research Data for Qualitative Educational Research

The Research Data Centre for Education (FDZ Bildung) provides audiovisual and textual research data, including recordings of lessons and transcripts of conducted interviews. Context and documentation materials such as interview guidelines and videography manuals are also available. In addition, the research data centre has a historically relevant collection of lesson recordings filmed from the 1970s to the 1990s in the former GDR and the Federal Republic of Germany. Audio and video data can be reused for scientific purposes upon application.

Educational Research Instruments

Research instruments are collected as part of this service. Questionnaire, test and analysis instruments from the field of educational research are available. In addition to paper-based instruments, digital formats are increasingly added to the offer. All research instruments documented in the FDZ Bildung can be used free of charge for non-commercial, scientific purposes.




Target Audience: Educational Research
Type of Content: Research Data & Tools, Teaching & Learning
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Department: Information Centre for Education
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