VerbundFDB – German Network of Educational Research Data

Researchers can use the website to search for research data and instruments for empirical educational research and can share data they have collected with other researchers. They can also find information, handouts and training programmes on research data management.


Search for Research Data and Instruments

Researchers can use the portal to search for available research data and instruments from qualitative and quantitative research projects. They can use the central search option to find research data in the collections of various research data centres, repositories and research networks. Researchers can use this data for their own research projects, for writing theses or for teaching purposes.
The collections include survey data, data from competence and performance measurements, tests and scales, teaching videos, observation protocols, audio data and lots more. Thematically, a wide range of educational research topics is covered, for example early childhood education, school and university research and adult education.

Sharing Research Data

Researchers can share their research data and instruments via the portal. Once the data has been submitted to the VerbundFDB, it is sent to one of the research data centres (RDC) participating in the VerbundFDB for archiving and provision. The RDC offering the relevant expertise for the respective data type or specific topic will be responsible.

Managing Research Data

Researchers can find information and handouts on relevant research data management topics (e.g., data protection and anonymisation) in the portal. VerbundFDB also offers respective training programmes.




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