Eduserver – German Education Server

The German Education Server is a central guide to education in Germany and an information service for education worldwide. The German Education Server points to selected internet resources from the federal government and federal states, universities, state institutes and research institutes.


The central internet guide to education in Germany is funded by the federal government and federal states. It is a web portal that offers information about education in Germany and worldwide to all professions concerned with education and is available to the public at large, addressing all levels.

Operating as a meta-server, the portal mainly points to internet resources that are offered by the federal government and federal states, the European Union, universities, schools, state institutes, research and service units, as well as subject specific information providers. The information is structured by a team of editors and presented in relevant contexts.

The information service consists of edited thematic categories reaching from early childhood to school, vocational and adult education, higher education as well as research in education. Additionally, services are offered on general aspects of education in Germany and education in an international context and cross-sectional topics such as special education and social pedagogy.

A number of databases offer multiple research and entry opportunities. Users can thus find educationally relevant institutions and events, definitions in a bilingual online glossary or educationally relevant competitions and job advertisements.

The German Education Server also hosts thematic portals like “Reading in Germany” and “Becoming a teacher”. Diverse media formats such as wikis, social bookmarking tools or podcasts support knowledge transfer to research, practice, politics and administration. The German Education Server thus participates in creating innovative information infrastructures in education. Customised services are developed according to user needs and follow the current state of art in information science research. The German Education Server invites users to participate by offering and optimising communication platforms, collaborative usable tools and interfaces for collaboration. Users can make entries into databases that are then checked by the editors.

For international users, the English language service Eduserver offers information about all levels of education as well as thematic dossiers such as "German as a foreign language", "Information for refugees", and information about scholarships for foreign students.




Target Audience: Educational Research, Educational Practice, Education Policy, General Public
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