Dr. Renate Martini


Academic Staff

Literature Information Systems

Information Center for Education

Rostocker Straße 6
60323 Frankfurt am Main

+49 (0)69-24708-321




Curriculum Vitae

Since 1991
Academic staff member at DIPF in the field of educational information
Doctoral dissertation, in comparative pedagogics, on the role of model schools in Moçambique, Akademie der Pädagogischen Wissenschaften der DDR
1985 – 1990
Academic staff member, Akademie der Pädagogischen Wissenschaften der DDR (Academy of Pedagogical Science, GDR)
1980 – 1984
Teacher for mathematics and physics in Schwerin and Moçambique
Studied mathematics and physics at PH Güstrow, teaching diplom

Current work and research priorities

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