GesUB – Research synthesis on the genesis of social inequalities in educational attainment

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Education is an important prerequisite to participation in society and social life. Individuals should not particularly be either disadvantaged or disadvantaged by an education system. Social inequalities in educational attainment can, however, be found across all areas of education, from early childhood to further education and continuing education.

While social inequalities in education have been well documented, there remains a lack of systematised knowledge of the mechanisms underlying their genesis. The project Research synthesis on the genesis of social inequalities in educational attainment systematises current research on conditions of the genesis and types of patterns of social inequalities in preschool, school and post-school education contexts. Several groups of variables will be analysed for the purpose of explaining inequality effects: (1) achievement-related student characteristics, (2) family background variables, (3) informal opportunities to learn, (4) institutional framework characteristics of educational processes, and (5) regional factors. The project aims to deliver a research synthesis which takes published scientific literature from the relevant disciplines into account together with working papers and other so-called “grey literature”.



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02/2018 – 01/2021
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Bachsleitner, A., Lämmchen, R. & Maaz, K. (Hrsg.). (2022). Soziale Ungleichheit des Bildungserwerbs von der Vorschule bis zur Hochschule: Eine Forschungssynthese zwei Jahrzehnte nach PISA. Waxmann.