Dr. Bettina Reimers


Head of Unit

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Warschauer Straße 34-38
10243 Berlin

+49 (0)30-293360-627



Curriculum Vitae

Master of Archival Science FH-Potsdam
Doctoral thesis on the "Volkshochschulbewegung in Thüringen in der Weimarer Republik" (adult education movement in Thuringia during the era of the Weimar Republic). Research priorities in adult education, cultural and educational history and educational policy in the Kaiser (German Emperors) era and the Weimar Republic
Master of Arts
Studied German, Educational Science, Italian, Political Science at Albertus Magnus University, Cologne and Eberhard Karls University Tübingen
Born in 1962

Professional activities

Since 03/2008
Head of the archives of the Library for the History of Education at the DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education
2007 – 2008
Academic staff member at the pedagogical department, Augsburg University
Academic staff member in the research project on the late writings of Friedrich Nietzsche at the Institute for Philosophy, Humboldt University Berlin, located at the Goethe and Schiller archives, Weimar
2004 – 2006
Freelance researcher (editing estates for private persons, museums and archives, conceptualising exhibitions) and lecturer at the Institute for Pedagogy at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg and at the seminar for pedagogy at Georg August University, Göttingen and in adult education institutions and the speech therapy training college, Erfurt
1994 – 2004
Academic staff member at the seminar for pedagogy, Ulm university
1993 – 1994
Academic staff member at the seminar for pedagogy, Eberhard Karls University Tübingen
Academic staff member at  the German Literature Archives, Marbach on the Neckar (1992) and holder of a stipend by the Deutsche Schiller Stiftung - German Schiller Foundation, German Literature Archive, Marbach on the Neckar

Research Interests

  • Archival services and specialised information
  • History of adult education
  • Cultural and educational history and educational policy in the German Empire and the Weimar Republic


Selected publications

  • Reimers, Bettina Irina & Cramme, Stefan (2023). Archival holdings on Friedrich Froebel and the edition of his letters. In T. Bruce, Y. Nishida, S. Powell, H. Wasmuth & J. Whinnett (Eds.), The Bloomsbury handbook to Friedrich Froebel (pp. 66-75). London: Bloomsbury Academic. doi:10.5040/9781350323230.0017
  • Reimers, Bettina Irina (2023). Eine Fundgrube für die Forschung zu preußischen Lehrerinnen und Lehrern. Die Unterlagen der Gutachterstelle des Instituts für Lehrerfort- und -weiterbildung. In Herold-Jahrbuch Band 27, S. 207-241
  • Reimers, Bettina Irina (2022). The Glass Slide Collection of the German Rural Residential Schools Association (Verband Deutscher Schullandheime e. V.). In Hertling, A. & Carrier, P. (Hrsg.), Collecting educational media. Making, storing and accessing knowledge. Berghahn , S. 99-110.
  • Reimers, Bettina Irina (2021). Ein Fotoalbum als historische Quelle: Das Konzept der Körper- und Stimmbildung von Kallmeyer und Lauterbach. In Jahrbuch für Historische Bildungsforschung (27) , S. 220-248; Internet: https://jb-historische-bildungsforschung.de/band_27/Band_27_10.xml; DOI: 10.25658/szr6-7x31
  • Reh, Sabine; Berdelmann, Kathrin; Cramme, Stefan; Mattes, Monika; Müller, Lars & Reimers, Bettina Irina (2021). Quellen und Methoden der Historischen Bildungsforschung, S. 12-30; Internet: https://elibrary.utb.de/doi/10.36198/9783838557083-12-30; DOI: 10.36198/9783838557083-12-30

Positions and board Memberships

Since 2019
Member of the "Archival Legal Issues" working group of the Association of German Archivists e.V
Since 2020
Spokesperson for the Leibniz Association's working group on archives
Since 2016
Member of the speakers' group of the "Collecting together" initiative of the Leibniz Association's working group on archives
2016 – 2023
Member of the advisory board of the lottery fund project "Pestalozzianum Collection: cataloguing, preservation and use of the collection", Pestalozzianum Foundation for Education, Schools and Dialogue (Zurich)
Since 2016
Member of the Advisory Board of the Alice Salomon Archive, "Alice Salomon Hochschule" - Berlin University of Applied Sciences for Social Work and Social Pedagogy
2012 – 2016
Spokesperson for the Leibniz Association's Archive Working Group
Since 2010
Member of the DGfE's scientific advisory board in the project for the archival cataloguing of the specialist society's written material holdings
2010 – 2021
Member of the scientific advisory board of the Adolf-Reichwein-Verein e.V.
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