DiaS-K – Diagnostics of Self-Regulation in Preschool

In the project DiaS-K, preschool teachers and doctors who carry out school entry examinations are to be interviewed in order to find out what instruments for diagnosing self-regulation in preschool age must look like so that they are usable for practitioners.

Project Description

Self-regulation is the ability to adapt one's own actions to situational requirements and rules and enables children, for example, to follow specific instructions or to work independently. Self-regulation is therefore important for school readiness. However, there are hardly any instruments (such as tests or questionnaires) in German with which self-regulation can be measured in preschool age.

In the DiaS-K project, preschool teachers in kindergartens and doctors that are responsible for the school entrance examination are to be interviewed in order to find out which instruments are already being used and what new ones would have to look like to diagnose self-regulation. To do so, we first conduct an online survey with a questionnaire and then in-depth qualitative interviews.


IDeA Center


Helmut-Schmidt-Universität Hamburg: Dr. Julia Kerner auch Koerner (joint direction of the project)

Project Management

Project Details

Current project
Area of Focus Transfer and Transfer Research
Department: Education and Human Development
Unit: Development of Successful Learning
07/2021 – 06/2024
External funding
Contact: Dr. Martin Schastak, Academic Staff