Digi-EBF II – Meta-Project "Digital Education II"

The project alliance Digi-EBF II supports research projects funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) that focus on digital education. DIPF is engaged in the project part "Research Syntheses for Science and Practice".

Project Description

The meta project Digi-EBF II continues the work of Digi-EBF and, in the second funding phase (2024-2026), will focus on how transfer between educational research and practice can succeed in the field of digitalisation.

A central task once more lies in accompanying and networking projects – particularly regarding projects from funding line Digi III in the funding priority area "Digital Education" within the Framework Programme for Empirical Educational Research (BMBF). Moreover, the meta-project runs the well-known series of events "Dialogue on Digitalisation" and intensifies collaboration with “bridge builders”, e.g. state institutes and trusts, to promote transfer with practice. Transfer from scientific evidence to educational practice in a digital world is advanced by preparing research syntheses and processing relevant findings in close alignment with practical needs. The meta-project is intensively involved in creating educational research.

Subject to Digi-EBF II, DIPF is preparing overviews (research syntheses based on research syntheses) on diverse aspects of digital education. We will focus on the development of competencies needed for independent action in the digital world (funding line III "Research on the Development of Competencies for a Digital World") and methodological questions tapping into the development of research syntheses in educational research. Findings from research syntheses will be prepared for different target groups.

Project Objectives

The project at DIPF prepares research synthesis as overviews (research syntheses based on research syntheses) and findings are processed in close alignment with practical needs.

Project Management

Prof. Dr. Marc Rittberger

Project Team

Project Details

Current project
Area of Focus Education in the Digital World
Department: Information Centre for Education
Education Sectors: Extracurricular Learning, Early Childhood Education, Higher Education, Primary and Secondary Education, Further Education, Science
01/2024 - 12/2026
External funding
Contact: Dr. Annika Wilmers, Academic Staff