enorM – How Do We Want to Learn in the Future?

The communication and transfer project "enorM" collected ideas and questions from students about the future of learning and education and promoted interaction between students and researchers. It took place within the framework of the „Science Year 2022 – Participate!“.

Project Description

As a project within the framework of the "Science Year 2022 - Participate!", enorM was divided into a mobilization phase and an interaction phase. During the mobilization phase, the project collected questions and ideas from students about learning in the future: at several local schools, via a broad social media campaign and, in particular, via the website lernen-von-morgen.de. At the online "Education Future Camp" on April 2, the submitted questions were organized and weighted together with interested students. In the subsequent interaction phase, the students interacted with researchers, met them online in "Book a Question" sessions, discussed with them at a hackathon and produced their own podcast series. In collaboration with an agency, a computer game – a digital escape room – was developed, which provides children and young people a completely different approach to learning in the future. Students were also involved in this project: In a workshop with the agency, they helped develop the game idea and provided feedback on test versions during the production period. The computer game includes visualizations of the discussions between students and researchers as well as the podcast episodes. It is available on the website www.lernen-von-morgen.de beyond the project period.

Project Objectives

The project serves the exchange and transfer of experiences from educational practice to research. In addition, the aim is to break new ground in science communication with new presentation and event formats.


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IDeA, LERN, German Education Server

Project Management

Dr. Juliane Grünkorn

Project Team

Project Details

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Area of Focus Transfer and Transfer Research
02/2022 – 12/2022
External funding
Contact: Dr. Melanie Verhovnik-Heinze, Academic Staff