InKuBi – Indicators for Art and Cultural Education

The project’s goal is to develop an indicator-based reporting system that allows an empirical description of art and cultural education in Germany from a systemic perspective.

Project Description

In ‘Indicators for Art and Cultural Education’, a reporting system is being developed which is based on the model of the national report on education. The aim of the reporting system is to enable a permanent, data-based observation of art and cultural education in Germany (‘system monitoring’). Central stakeholders from the field are included in the process, to ensure the research findings' practical relevance. At the end of the project term, a pilot report will be written that aims to picture central aspects of art and cultural education in Germany. Future debates about objectives and policy making can be based on this empirical description of the field. The indicators that will be developed during the project will be mostly built on data that have been collected prior to the project. By re-analysing the data, questions will be examined that are relevant to governance. The monitoring will be designed in a way that allows the indicators to become part of the regular national educational reporting later on.  


Wider Sense GmbH, Berlin

Project Management

Prof. Dr. Kai Maaz

Project Team

Dr. Jannis Burkhard

Project Details

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Department: Educational Governance
05/2020 – 12/2022
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