Process-based assessment of multiple documents comprehension (Multiple Documents Literacy)

Project Description

In order to cope with the demands of their studies, university students of all subjects have to be able to familiarize with different topics and find out important information in a self-regulated way. In the context of university learning, they are usually confronted with multiple sources and (text) documents that might provide redundant and complementary but also conflicting information. These demands comprise more than comprehension of single texts as information of multiple sources needs to be related to and integrated with each other. Previous research indicates that students often fail to integrate information from multiple documents and sources appropriately.

In this project, we develop and in part validate a computer-based instrument for assessing university students’ competence of multiple documents comprehension (multiple documents literacy, MDL). Especially, we focus on additional process-based measures. We use process-based measures 1) as additional diagnostic information and 2) in order to identify strategies of processing multiple documents and to test theories of multiple documents comprehension.


Project Objectives

The aims of the project are:

  1. Development of a theoretically informed computer-based test of MDL
  2. Empirical testing of assumptions of theories of MDL
  3. Analysis of processes of multiple documents comprehension and development of process indicators
  4. Validation of the test with two cohorts of university students at two universities majoring in two subject groups


Project Management

Prof. Dr. Frank Goldhammer

Project Team

PD Dr. Ulf Kröhne

Project Details

Completed Projects
Department: Teacher and Teaching Quality
01/2016 – 06/2019
External funding