Transitions in Different Educational Systems (TIDES) – making use of educational opportunities

The project “Transitions in Different Educational Systems” (TIDES) assesses the permeability of education systems in Germany and Switzerland as well as social disparities at the transition into post-compulsory training and education.

Project description

The study, which is jointly financed by the German Research Society (DFG) and the Swiss National Fond (SNF) and a co-operative effort between the Department for Educational Governance at DIPF, the Pedagogical University Basel (FHNW), the University Fribourg and the University of Tübingen investigates the permeability of different school systems in Germany and Switzerland, as well social disparities at the transition into post-compulsory training.

School systems in Switzerland and Germany are characterized by different transitions throughout a students’ school career. The transition from compulsory school education to post-compulsory education and training is particularly relevant as it is here that individual professional biographies are predetermined. Evidence regarding this transition demonstrate a socially selective nature of this transition. The research project focuses on the transition to post-compulsory education and training with respect to the degree of permeability of certain school systems, social disparities as well as the influence ofstudents’ effort and interest during this transition. A random sample of approx. 4,000 ninth year students from all school types is assessed in three different school systems – on in Germany (Baden-Württemberg) and two in Sitzwerland (Basel-Stadt, Deutschfreiburg). The study aims to provide policy insights  on how best to design the transition from compulsory school education to post-compulsory vocational education and training.


“Transitions in Different Educational Systems“ (TIDES) is a co-operation project involving the Pädagogische Hochschule Basel (FHNW) (Prof. Dr. Albert Düggeli), the University of Fribourg (Prof. Dr. Franz Baeriswyl) and University of Tübingen (Prof. Dr. Trautwein).

Project Details

Completed Projects
Department: Educational Governance
09/2012 – 2015
External funding
Contact: Prof. Dr. Kai Maaz, Executive Director of DIPF