TwiSt – Impact of Transfer: An Exploratory Project

The project TwiSt explored whether and how the impact of transfer could be measured qualitatively and quantitatively. Possible indicators were composed for the transfer activities of the DIPF.

Project Description

In recent years, transfer activities of scientific institutions and their researchers have become increasingly important. But how can we capture and describe these activities and measure possible impacts? The project TwiSt explored the field of transfer and measurement of impact in the scientific context on the basis of different sources (literature research, online survey, inteviews). This showed a lack of appropriate indicators for the measurement respectively description of transfer impact on the target group or the community. The possibilities of measurement and evaluation differ in complexity on the level of achievement (output) and effect (outcome and impact). Type and amount of transfer activities can be quite easily registered and documented, while valid conclusions about the impact on the target group (outcome) or the society (impact) are fairly limited. To face this challenge, it is recommended to consider transfer right from the beginning and to create conditions, which make an effect more likely. Therefore we selected and developed instruments to plan, describe, and document transfer acitivities in detail (compendium). Additionally, we compiled nearly 50 components and possible indicators of transfer (table of indicators). Both documents could serve as a basis for detailed discussions about transfer and possible further developments at the DIPF. Due to the multiplicity of possible influencing factors, the indeterminacy of impact indicators, and the lack of ressources it will stay difficult to realize concrete measurements of impact.


Diel, V., Grünkorn, J., & Schindler, C. (2021). Transfer am DIPF: Impulse aus dem Projekt TwiSt [Transfer at the DIPF: Suggestions of the TwiSt project]. Frankfurt am Main: DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education. doi:10.25657/02:22442

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08/2018 – 12/2020
Contact: Verena Diel, Officer