ViolAA – Teachers‘ Reaction to Norm Violations at School

Using different methodological approaches (experimental vignette studies, ambulatory assessment and behavioral observations), this project examines teachers‘ reactions to students‘ misbehavior at school.

Project Description

In this project, we investigate teachers‘ reactions to students‘ misbehavior at school. We are particularly interested in how teachers perceive different types of norm behavior and whether this may be influenced by characteristics of the transgressing student.

Various methods are used in this project. In a series of experimental vignette studies, we are examining whether the gender and cultural background of a misbehaving student have an impact on teachers‘ (hypothetical) reactions.

Further, the project will test the extent to which ambulatory assessment methods are useful for the study of teachers´ reactions to misbehavior at school. 

Finally, ecologically valid data will be obtained from behavioral observations in order to integrate the findings from the other two methodological approaches.


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Project Management

Prof. Dr. Hanna Beißert

Project Details

Current project
Area of Focus Differential Educational Conditions and Educational Trajectories
Department: Teacher and Teaching Quality
Education Sector: Primary and Secondary Education
06/2023 - 07/2024
External funding
Contact: Prof. Dr. Hanna Beißert, Head of Unit