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Empirical educational research, the scientific monitoring of educational reforms or the provision of knowledge resources – DIPF is all about „knowledge for education“. At our two locations in Frankfurt and Berlin, around 335 staff members work towards addressing challenges in the education sector. To this end the Institute is financed by the Federal Republic of Germany and the states (Länder) of Hesse and Berlin.

Research Stays and Visits

DIPF encourages its own researchers to go on research stays and also welcomes visiting researchers from other institutions.

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Promoting Young Talents

DIPF is dedicated to education. The Institue strives to promote and support young professionals in academic and non-academic fields.

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Workplace and Family

At DIPF, we see good conditions for a harmonisation of family and workplace demands as relevant factors for successful work at the Institute. To support a good balance between demands from work and family life, diverse services and measures are being developed at DIPF. Therefore, DIPF is certified by the audit “berufundfamilie“.

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