Transfer, Reporting & Executive Board Office

The service unit "Transfer, Reporting & Executive Board Office" is responsible for transfer development, internal reporting and executive board matters at DIPF.



The transfer service is the point of contact for questions concerning transfer at DIPF – for staff as well as for external interested parties. This service aims to pool the institute‘s expertise in the field of transfer and enhance collaboration across the departments. In this way, innovative transfer activities and projects can be generated. The transfer service also uses and develops instruments for systematically planning and describing transfer activities and their effects.


The reporting service regularly analyses the documentation of the institute's performance and ensures its quality in close cooperation with the specialised departments. Results are fed back internally and externally. The reporting service further develops the performance indicators conceptually and adapts them to the requirements of the Leibniz Association.

Executive Board Office

The executive board office deals with all matters relating to the executive board and supports it in strategic and conceptual matters. The team plans and attends meetings of the executive board and central committees and organises events such as the staff assembly. The team also prepares the institute’s audits and evaluations and coordinates the preparation of central documents such as the strategy paper and programme budget.

Service Center

Communications Office

Three areas of tasks are served by the communications office: public relations, internal reporting and reporting to the governing board.


Dr. Juliane Grünkorn



Dr. Juliane Grünkorn