MYSKILLS – Identifying professional competencies (BKE)

The MYSKILLS project at DIPF is part of the project MYSKILLS – Identifying professional competencies led by the Federal Employment Agency in cooperation with the Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training and the Bertelsmann Foundation. Its objective is the development and quality assurance of instruments to validly measure the professional skills of people with formally low qualifications.

Project Description

Many refugees, immigrants and people with low formal professional skills experience difficulties in accessing the job market due to their lack of recognisable certifications. Moreover, so far no single instrument exists for an overarching assessment of informally acquired competencies that are relevant for professional activities and demanded in the context of employment.

Therefore, the Federal Employment Agency and the Bertelsmann Foundation – together with the Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training (Forschungsinstitut Berufliche Bildung, f-bb) – have jointly developed a concept for an improved assessment of non-formally acquired competencies and their use for the purpose of entering training or employment. In the MYSKILLS project, a particular focus will lie on the assessment of the work-related skills of migrants and refugees. Instruments for the valid measurement of relevant competencies will be developed and tested for initially 30 professions.

Psychometric Quality Assurance

The test construction process is scientifically supported by DIPF in order to ensure the appropriate quality of test procedures regarding various psychometric quality criteria. This quality assurance takes place on the basis of item response theory (IRT) models. The main objective is the model fit of the test scales and items. They are used for the revision of the test procedures and allow for an overall assessment of quality of the developed scales regarding their applicability in practice.

Management: Prof. Johannes Hartig, Dr. Carmen Köhler

Technical Implementation

The Centre for Technology Based Assessment (TBA Centre) is responsible for the entire technical realisation of the project. TBA thus provides technology based assessment solutions via the Open Source assessment platform TAO. More precisely, TBA will take on the computing of all tasks and online delivery of competence tests. TBA will also coordinate software developments of TAO enhancements and hosting as well as technical support. Furthermore, the TBA team will offer content-related support particularly regarding psychometrical advice and process development.

Management: Prof. Dr. Frank Goldhammer, Britta Upsing



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11/2016 – 11/2022
Research topic: Education in the Digital World

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