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QualiBi - Development of a research data platform for qualitative educational research

In accordance with the FAIR data principles, this cooperation project addresses the sustainable use and reusability of distributed qualitative datasets by establishing a user-oriented data portal for educational research.

Project Description

Together with the expert communities, a federated overall view of the existing distributed  data sets of different disciplinary subareas is to be developed. The bundling of these heterogeneous data sets and the user-oriented approach will not only promote acceptance within the community, but also enable and support interdisciplinary perspectives and analysis possibilities along specific research questions and contexts. In this way, existing distributed qualitative data collections will be standardized, made interoperable, and further merged into a repository structure to ensure visibility and access. Central to this project is the development, expansion and establishment of acquisition networks associated to sustainable quality assurance and re-use. Thus, this project is in line with the objectives of the Verbund Forschungsdaten Bildung (VerbundFDB) and represents an important milestone for the research funding and infrastructure development of the Informationszentrum Bildung (IZB).

Project Objectives

The goal of the project is the development of a federated research data platform (QualiBi) for qualitative educational research in the German-speaking countries. For this purpose, distributed heterogeneous university and non-university data sets will be enriched and made interoperably accessible and reusable for educational primary and secondary research as well as teaching and further education.


The project is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).


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Project Management

Project Team

Dr. Canan Hastik

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10/2020 – 09/2023
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Department: Information Center for Education
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