ZIB – Centre for International Student Assessment

The Centre for International Student Assessment (ZIB) joins the implementation of the PISA studies in Germany and German research on international large-scale assessments.

Project Description

The Centre for International Student Assessment (ZIB) was jointly founded by the federal govern-ment and the federal states in Germany. ZIB is a scientific research body for planning, running and evaluating the PISA studies in Germany as well as international comparative educational monitoring. Moreover, ZIB initiates research projects that target further aspects of quality assurance in education – e.g. research on methods in international large-scale assessments (LSA). ZIB is based on a close cooperation of DIPF and Technical University of Munich (TUM), the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (IPN), and the Institute for Educational Quality Improvement (IQB). Hence, ZIB research activities are decentralised. ZIB pursues the central aim of promoting young scientists and thus conveys content-related and methodological knowledge. The first ZIB Academy on Technology Based Assessment (29 July - 2 August 2013), the third ZIB Academy on Modelling Process Data (24 July - 27 July 2017) and the seventh ZIB Academy under the motto "Edu-cational Assessment meets Learning Analytics" (21 September - 23 September 2022) were held very successfully at the DIPF in Frankfurt.

Current ZIB projects at the DIPF

Completed ZIB projects at DIPF

ZIB activities of promoting junior researchers at DIPF

Project Objectives

The central goal is to address research questions on international large-scale assessment in the form of secondary analyses or add-on studies (e.g. validation of new measurement concepts in PISA). A further goal is to participate in international scientific committees on international large-scale assessments. Another important concern is the promotion of young researchers in the field of empirical educational research.


Funded by the ZIB budget, DIPF has set up a new professorship for computer-aided procedures in instruction and the assessment of achievement.

Project Management

Prof. Dr. Frank Goldhammer

Project Team

Project Details

Current project
Areas of focus
Department: Teacher and Teaching Quality
Education Sector: Primary and Secondary Education
01/2011 – 12/2027
External funding
Contact: Prof. Dr. Frank Goldhammer, Head of Unit