Digi-EBF – Meta project “Digitizing in education“

The co-operative meta project provides a general scientific and societal framework for around 50 projects from the BMBF funding line for digitizing in education (principles and conditions of success), i.e. ”Digitalisierung im Bildungsbereich – Grundsatzfragen und Gelingensbedingungen“. Moreover, developments are scientifically processed in the priority research area, gaps in research are identified, and networking of researchers is promoted as well as exchange with educational practitioners. At DIPF, the project activities are aimed at offering adequate counselling and thus contributing to quality assurance of research data and research information, and systematically tapping into questions concerning “digitizing in education”.

Project Description

Digitizing in education comprehends all sectors in education and calls for well-founded scientific assessments, approaches to solutions and scientific monitoring of education processes. The Meta project focuses on the sectors of early childhood education, education at school, adult education, initial and further teacher training, vocational education and training, as well as in-company further training. The project partners monitor, assess and reflect research activities and outcomes and place them in dialogue and expert forums. Across as well as within sectors, transfer of scientific research to educational practice, educational policy and the general public is taken into perspective.

Subject to the project, DIPF is responsible for the assessment of the state of research on central aspects of digital learning, and the documentation in 20 dossiers with systematic literature reviews. These dossiers contain references to the international and national state of research, summarise essential findings, and identify remaining research questions. Methodological principles of successful review processes and systematic approaches to research are evaluated and characteristics of successful search strategies and search tactics are identified. The dossiers are compiled in the form of narrative overviews, prepared for scientific communication independent from target groups and platforms. Internationalisation of the meta project is given by integrating and discussing the dossiers at an international level.

By offering counselling in the field of research data management, DIPF supports the connectivity of the projects and respectively assessed data in the priority funding line. Synergies can thus be achieved and a comparative, high standard of quality can be targeted for all the projects. An active exchange is thus emphasized regarding the connectivity, comparability, and possible standardizations of research data, assessments and analyses.

Follow-up project: Digi-EBF II (01/2024 – 12/2026)

Project Objectives

Transfer of scientific research to educational practice, educational policy and the general public is taken into perspective. DIPF is responsible for the assessment and documentation of the international and national state of research on central aspects of digital learning in 20 research syntheses with systematic literature reviews.




Project Management

Prof. Dr. Marc Rittberger

Project Team

Project Details

Completed Projects
Area of Focus Education in the Digital World
Department: Information Centre for Education
Education Sectors: Early Childhood Education, Primary and Secondary Education, Further Education
09/2018 – 12/2023
External funding
Contact: Dr. Annika Wilmers, Academic Staff