LONDI 2 – Implementation and Evaluation of the LONDI Platform for Diagnosis and Remediation of Learning Disorders

LONDI is an online platform for the diagnosis and remediation of developmental disorders of scholastic skills and related difficulties. The joint project LONDI 2 aims to make this online platform usable and to evaluate it. The aim is a wide dissemination of the platform and an effective and sustainable use especially at primary schools but also in therapy and by parents.

Project Description

LONDI is an online platform for the diagnosis, prevention, and remediation of developmental disorders of scholastic skills and related difficulties. The platform is a widely accessible and reliable resource to support educators, professionals, and parents in understanding and meeting the needs of children with learning difficulties. The LONDI platform provides most current information on learning difficulties in reading, spelling, and calculating. The platform includes an APP-based screening test to give an indication of possible learning disorders. In addition, it offers comprehensive guiding system allowing professionals and semi-professional users to gain reliable information and evidence-based recommendations for the individual diagnostic assessment and the treatment of learning difficulties. The research project LONDI 2 aims at identifying conditions that facilitate the successful implementation, high dissemination, and use of the LONDI platform.

The main research questions focus on the dissemination and reach, effectiveness and efficiency, adoption and maintenance of the platform. Within the next four years both cooperating partners, the DIPF and the LMU Munich, aim to answer key questions concerning the implementation of the LONDI platform. Based on user feedback and experiences the content and tools offered by the LONDI platform will continuously be updated and technically improved. The school implementation study will examine and evaluate the factors that are important to successful implementation and sustainability of the platform in school settings. The study focuses on potential facilitators and barriers to implementation, acceptability, adoption, and appropriateness of the platform’s contents and tools to adapt and optimize the LONDI platform for teachers and schools. The LONDI platform will be launched and implemented in 20 cooperating primary schools of four different federal states in Germany. These schools will use the platform for at least one year (being continuously supported and monitored by the developers). Participating recruited teachers commit to writing a standardized digital diary documenting their use and answering preset questions. In addition, data collected from spontaneous (non-recruited) platform users will also be statistically analyzed. The different aspects of (technical) performance, effectiveness, and usability of the LONDI platform will be discussed with educational users in a workshop to evaluate, adjust, and improve the LONDI platform.

Project Objectives

The overall goal is to study the evaluation, implementation, and dissemination of the LONDI online platform for diagnosis and remediation of children with disorders of scholastic skills. This includes:

  • the dissemination of the platform in education, therapy, and family settings
  • a formative evaluation at primary schools and the improvement of the platform, especially for school settings
  • a maintenance concept to ensure a sustainable and long-term usability of the platform



Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (Prof. Dr. Gerd Schulte-Körne)

Project Management

Prof. Dr. Marcus Hasselhorn

Project Team

Project Details

Current project
Areas of focus
Department: Education and Human Development
Unit: Development of Successful Learning
11/2021 – 10/2025
External funding
Contact: Dr. Kathleen Thomas, Academic Staff