Tebelin – Teacher Beliefs about Inclusive Education

How do teachers think about inclusive education? We investigate in-service and preservice teachers’ beliefs and knowledge about inclusive education as well as which role beliefs and knowledge play for teachers’ classroom practice, by using diverse research methods.

Project Description

(1) How do teachers think about inclusive education? We investigate teachers’ beliefs about inclusive education by means of meta-analysis. To this end, we test moderating effects of individual and contextual prerequisites, as well as the effectiveness of teacher intervention on the development of teachers’ inclusive beliefs.

(2) Does reading persuasive texts affect the development of inclusive beliefs? In several lab experiments, we test whether reading persuasive texts about inclusive education has an effect on preservice teachers’ inclusive beliefs. In these studies, we also investigate potential moderator effects of prior knowledge and motivation.

(3) Assessment of activity-oriented knowledge about inclusive education: In research with preservice teachers, we cannot measure effects of preservice teachers’ beliefs on their teaching practice as they are not teaching in classrooms yet. By means of a case vignette test, we aim at assessing preservice teachers’ anticipated classroom practice – i.e., their activity-oriented knowledge about inclusive education. In several studies, we are currently testing the development of a coding scheme as well as the implementation of a case vignette test as assessment instrument for preservice teachers.

Project Objectives

The project aims at investigating in-service and preservice teachers’ beliefs about inclusive education. The goal is to identify teachers’ inclusive beliefs and to examine the role that they play in the context of prior knowledge and motivation.


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Project Management

Prof. Dr. Charlotte Dignath

Project Details

Completed Projects
Area of Focus Differential Educational Conditions and Educational Trajectories
Department: Teacher and Teaching Quality
Education Sectors: Higher Education, Science
04/2020 – 03/2023
External funding
Contact: Prof. Dr. Charlotte Dignath, Associated Researcher