WieSeL – Knowledge, Application, Promotion: Self-Regulation Competence of Teachers

The WieSeL project deals with the self-regulatory competence of teachers. The focus is on identifying which aspects of teacher competence support teachers’ promotion of self-regulation of learning among their students.

Project Description

The WieSeL project studies aspects of teacher competence that support teachers’ promotion of self-regulation of learning among their students. Based on empirical findings, we assume that first, teachers need knowledge about what self-regulated learning and teaching is before they can self-regulate their own teaching and promote self-regulation of learning among their students. The project aims to examine the role of teachers’ knowledge about self-regulation for their promotion of self-regulation in the classroom.

Project structure

Several studies are planned within the project. First, we will investigate how to assess teachers’ knowledge about self-regulation in a valid and reliable way. Subsequently, we plan intervention studies to identify conditions for successful short-term interventions to foster teachers’ self-regulation competence.

Project Objectives

The project aims at identifying which aspects of professional teacher competence benefit teachers’ promotion of self-regulation of learning among their students. To this end, we investigate teachers’ beliefs, their self-efficacy to be able to foster self-regulation effectively, teachers’ own self-regulation, as well as their knowledge about self-regulation. In the first phase of the project, we focus on developing a knowledge test to assess declarative, procedural, and conditional knowledge about self-regulation. Furthermore, we will test the effectiveness of short teacher interventions empirically.


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Project Management

Prof. Dr. Charlotte Dignath

Project Team

Antonia Fischer

Project Details

Current project
Area of Focus Differential Educational Conditions and Educational Trajectories
Department: Teacher and Teaching Quality
Education Sector: Science
04/2020 – 03/2026
External funding
Contact: Prof. Dr. Charlotte Dignath, Associated Researcher