Practice and Transfer Oriented School Development Research

In close cooperation with practitioners, the unit investigates how to link academic and practical school expertise. The joint development of interventions and the study of quality improvement in all-day schooling complement the research work.


How can scientists and practitioners learn from each other and collaborate successfully? How can science become more practically relevant and school practice more science-based? The team is investigating links between school practice and science to improve instruction and schools. One example here is the research network SchuMaS - "Schule macht stark" – based on an initiative by the federal government and the federal states. Subject to a close cooperation with school practitioners, the researchers are monitoring 200 schools facing challenging conditions across Germany. Measures for an improved school and teaching practice are developed collaboratively. The team will also investigate how all-day schooling can be improved. 


Educational Governance

The department of Educational Governance focuses on the investigation of educational attainment processes.


Dr. Alexandra Marx



Dr. Alexandra Marx