Educational Inequalities and Reducing Educational Barriers

The unit examines how inequalities in educational attainment arise and how they can be reduced. It also focuses on the digitisation of education.


How can still existing and occasionally even increasing social inequalities in the acquisition of education be explained? Researchers in this field of work are studying conditions of emergence of inequalities and possible remedies.
The projects GesUB and ABIBA | Meta are crucial here. Based on many individual studies, researchers are systematising scientific evidence while also finding out where research is still needed. In 2022, a new research group was founded: “Emergence and removal of educational inequalities in children and adolescents”. A focus here is placed on digitising in education. How does an increased digitising of learning and teaching processes possibly contribute to a removal of educational inequalities? Or does this digitising rather consolidate or even increase existing inequalities?


Educational Governance

The department of Educational Governance focuses on the investigation of educational attainment processes.


Prof. Dr. Kai Maaz



Dr. Anna Bachsleitner