TBA Centre

The Centre for Technology Based Assessment develops innovative technology based procedures for the survey of learning results. It conducts fundamental and application oriented research and supports educational research institutions and projects in developing and implementing technology based assessment. It also works in the field of national and international large scale studies, e. g. PISA, PIAAC or NEPS.

In 2007, TBA was founded as an interdisciplinary team linking the Information Center for Education and the department of Educational Quality and Evaluation at DIPF. Since 2010, the core of TBA has been institutionalised at DIPF, and it now constitutes the TBA Centre.

TBA Infrastructure. Science infrastructure activities at the TBA Centre serve the purpose of implementing technology based assessment procedures in empirical educational research. TBA infrastructure services include the development and provision of software tools, e. g. the CBA Execution Environment, the CBA ItemBuilder, MATE, TAO or TBA TOOLS. Moreover, the TBA Centre offers counselling services, training, planning and implementation, for instance in the areas of item development, item adaptation and translation, test development, implementation, and delivery technologies (offline, online, mobile).

TBA Research. Amongst others, research activities at the TBA Centre target improvements of validity and efficiency of measurement instruments by use of technology, modelling of process data, instructional use of assessment data and research data management. This research orientation is most of all enabled by rooting the TBA Centre in the Centre for International Student Assessment (ZIB), that is the ZIB Professorship for Educational and Psychological Assessment, focusing on technology based applications, in the Department of Educational Quality and Evaluation. At TBA, research orientation is further developed by a professorship in informatics that has been complementarily established at the Information Center for Education.

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Chairs: Frank Goldhammer


Projects by Centre of Technology Based Assessment respectively with its participation

The IWWB-PLUS project is supported by the INVITE funding program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Re-search and contributes to strengthening further education in Germany. It focuses on the aim of enhancing the appeal and usability of the established continuing education search platform InfoWebWeiterbildung (IWWB). Innovative technology will be implemented in this regard, as well as enabling interoperability with other services in the area of continuing education.

The project Automatic Response Coding (ReCo) centers around text responses in tests. The computer programme ReCo automatically assesses whether a text response is correct, for example “The author aims at saving the trees.” as an answer in the PISA test. Moreover, ReCo extracts further features, for example whether a student adds knowledge to their response beyond the explicit information in the text.

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