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Vieluf, Svenja; Kaplan, David; Klieme, Eckhard; Bayer, Sonja:

Teaching practices and pedagogical innovation
Evidence from TALIS

Paris : OECD Publishing (2012) , 169

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1. Monographien (Autorenschaft); Monographie

Datenanalyse, Internationaler Vergleich, Lehrer, Lehrerberuf, OECD-Länder, Pädagogisches Handeln, Professionalität, Statistische Methode, Unterricht

Teachers and teaching have become an important focus of national and local policy. All around the world, reforms and actions aim to promote high-quality teaching in classrooms and professional collaboration at the school level. In order to tailor policies and interventions to the needs of different stakeholders and to improve the learning conditions of students, it is important to understand what is happening in schools and classrooms in different education systems. This report aims to contribute to this knowledge base. Using data from the 2008 OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS), it sets out to identify and harmonise profiles with regard to two related areas of professional teacher activities: classroom teaching practices and participation in professional learning communities. For each of these areas, the report identifies and describes typical profiles of practices within countries using a statistical technique that allows for the identification of "latent" (unobservable) profiles based on self-reports obtained from teachers. The report furthermore compares these latent profiles among countries and relates them to teacher background variables (such as qualification, subject taught, gender and age), to teacher beliefs, to the school background (such as social composition of the student population) and to school policies (such as autonomy, management, feedback and appraisal). Results will inform policy makers and key stakeholders on professional practices, both separately for each country and in comparison across countries, and thereby provide relevant information for system monitoring. Analysing relationships of the profiles with teacher-, school- and system-level background variables and processes will also inform comparative research on teachers and teaching. The results will enable a more comprehensive understanding of professional practices.

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