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Bender-Szymanski, Dorothea:

Assimilation, segregation, or integration?
A teaching project examining approaches to religious and ideological diversity in the classroom

In: Intercultural Education, 23 (2012) 4 , 325-340

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Bildungsrecht, Deutschland, Fallbeispiel, Handlungskompetenz, Handlungsorientiertes Lernen, Interkulturelle Kompetenz, Koedukation, Lehramtsstudent, Lehrerausbildung, Minderheit, Multikulturelle Erziehung, Muslimin, Projekt, Religionsfreiheit, Schülerin, Simulation, Sportunterricht, Verfassungsrecht

In this article, the authors describe the multiple phases of a project that was constructed around the real case of a young Muslim student who wished to be exempted from coeducational physical education on religious grounds. When the school refused her initial request, she decided to take legal measures which ended up in the German Federal Administrative Court. The court ultimately ruled in her favour. Her case was selected as the core ingredient for a new teaching project, which studies acculturation from different perspectives, and examines the complex balance between individual rights and societal duties, as defined by constitutional law in the Federal Republic of Germany. This case demonstrates that the majority society, represented in this study by the school, at times needs to change traditional educational policy in order to further national goals of integration; not as a compromise, but as a fair balance of interests. The project was implemented successfully as an integrated part of teacher preservice education occurring towards the end of the first academically based phase of their training.

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