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Brauckmann, Stefan; Pashiardis, Petros:

Contextual framing for school leadership training
Empirical findings from the Commonwealth Project on Leadership Assessment- and Development (CO-LEAD)

In: Journal of Management Development, 31 (2011) 1 , 18-33

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3a. Beiträge in begutachteten Zeitschriften; Beitrag in Sonderheft

Befragung, Commonwealth, Führungsstil, Lehrerfortbildung, Professionalisierung, Schulklima, Schulleistung, Schulleiter, Schulleitung

The overall purpose of the Commonwealth project on leadership in education assessment and development (Co-LEAD), was to find out school leaders training needs around the Commonwealth in order to provide some answers with regards to the professional development needs of school principals. The expectation was that this needs assessment study could probably form an initial base of evidence so that future research and practice might build on with regards to school leaders professional development. A mixed methods approach (e.g., both qualitative as well as quantitative) was utilized in order to carry out this study. The questionnaire consisted of 46 statements which make reference to the main functions of school leadership, such as, School Climate and School Improvement, Instructional Leadership and Human Resource Management, as well as Relations with Parents and the Community. The gap analysis method was used for the questionnaire items. Finally, complimentary to the questionnaires, it was decided to have on-site visitations and interviews with real people on the ground.

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