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Gurevych, Iryna (Hrsg.); Kim, Jungi (Hrsg.):

The people's web meets NLP
Collaboratively Constructed Language Resources

Dordrecht : Springer (2013) , 378

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2. Herausgeberschaft; Sammelband (keine besondere Kategorie)

Automatisierung, Computerlinguistik, Computerspiel, Data Mining, Forschung, Gemeinschaft, Indexierung, Kooperation, Mehrsprachigkeit, Methodologie, Nachschlagewerk, Ontologie, Schreiben, Semantic Web, Soziale Software, Sprachanalyse, Sprache, Textanalyse, Textverarbeitung, Wissen, World wide web 2.0

The application of collective intelligence in the domain of language yielded collaboratively constructed language resources (CCLR) that can be used in a variety of ways. For example, Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and other language resources constructed through crowdsourcing such as Games with a Purpose and Mechanical Turk have been used in many ways in NLP. Researchers started using such resources to substitute for or supplement conventional lexical semantic resources such as WordNet or linguistically annotated corpora in different NLP tasks. Another research direction is to utilize NLP techniques to enhance the collaboration process and its outcome. Overall the emergence of CCLRs has generated new challenges to the research field that are to be addressed in the present book. As the research field of CCLRs matures, it has become necessary to summarize a set of results to advance and focus the further research effort.

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