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Praetorius, Anna-Katharina; Drexler, Katharina; Rösch, Lisa; Christophel, Eva; Heyne, Nora; Scheunpflug, Annette; Zeinz, Horst; Dresel, Markus:

Judging students' self-concepts within 30 seconds?
Investigating judgement accuracy in a zero-acquaintance situation

In: Learning and Individual Differences, 37 (2015) , 231-236


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3a. Beiträge in begutachteten Zeitschriften; Aufsatz (keine besondere Kategorie)

Bayern, Befragung, Deutschland, Deutschlehrer, Empirische Untersuchung, Lehrerurteil, Lernen, Mathematiklehrer, Realschule, Realschüler, Schülerbeurteilung, Selbstkonzept

Judging students' academic self-concepts accurately is assumed to be a necessary condition for adaptive classroom instruction. Previous studies found moderate correlations between teachers' judgements and the self-reported self-concepts. Reference values for interpreting these correlations are missing. In the present study, self-other agreements with a zero-acquaintance premise (see Ambady & Rosenthal, 1992) were proposed as such a reference value. A total of 88 teachers judged the self-concepts of their own students. Additionally, 97 persons judged students' self-concepts based on 30-second videos of the students. Intra-individual correlations were calculated between judgements and actual self-concepts. The analyses showed that agreements in the natural classroom setting and in a zero-acquaintance setting both displayed generally moderate correlations and did not differ significantly from one another. Based on the results, the accuracy of teachers in judging students' self-concepts is considered to be low. Possible reasons for the low accuracy of teachers' judgement accuracy are discussed. (DIPF/Orig.)

Educational Quality and Evaluation