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Heck, Tamara; Bossu, Carina:

Special issue: Engaging with open science in learning and teaching

In: Education for Information, 36 (2020) 3 , 211-225

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3a. Beiträge in begutachteten Zeitschriften; Bibliografien/Rezensionen u.ä. (z.B. Linktipps)

Open Science, Open Educational Resources, Integration, Lehren, Lernen, Wissenschaft, Offenes Lernen, Literaturdatenbank, Literaturrecherche, Informationssystem, Literaturübersicht

In this paper, we discuss some of the literature that attempts to bring together these two different, but also overlapping elements of openness: open science and open education. We investigated these two topics and how they intersected with each other by conducting a desktop research with relevant topical terms in diverse information services. The coverage of topics in this literature sample gives first hints on current topics covered in research and papers that we think are relevant for further investigating potentials of interrelating open science and open education. We present the result of the desktop research in the next section. We then present and examine each of the five papers included in the special issue and finally, we make some recommendations regarding how institutions, educators and students can take advantage of and further advance open science in learning and teaching.

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