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Reuter, Lutz R. (Hrsg.); Döbert, Hans (Hrsg.):

After communism and apartheid.
Transformation of education in Germany and South Africa.

Frankfurt a.M. : Lang (2002) , 270 p.


Document type
Monographie; Monographie/Herausgeber

Bildungsreform, Transformation (Soz), Bildungssystem, Demokratisierung, Lehrerrolle, Hochschulbildung, Schulmanagement, Bildungsplanung, Bildungsverwaltung, Bildungspolitik, Vergleichende Erziehungswissenschaft, Vergleichsuntersuchung, Internationaler Vergleich, Deutschland, Deutschland-DDR, Deutschland-Östliche Länder, Südafrika

The international comparative dimension has played a rather limited role in educational research in spite of widely similar educational political goals and similar topics within the transformation societies. It is without question that transformation is embedded in nationally, culturally and histor-cally specific processes. On the other hand, the editors share the assumption that the democratic transformation of sociopolitical systems follows, in addition to certain often significant, national or regional peculiarities, universal patterns and that consequently the modernisation of education systems after the end of authoritarian regimes produces common features and outcomes. Twelve or eight years respectivly after the fundamental system changes in Germany and South Africa the volume want to assess the available research results on topics of educational transformation in both countries and in develop possibly new international research perspectives.

Educational Governance