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Alabau, Isabel; Bonnet, Gérard; Bot, Kees de; Bramsbye, Jesper; Dauphin, Laurence; Erickson, Gudrun; Etelälahti, Aulikki; Evers, Riet; Hesse, Hermann-Günter; Ibsen, Elisabeth; Kühnbach, Olga; Lagergren, Tommy; Levasseur, Jacqueline; Nielsen, Karen L.; Quay, Petey de; Tuokko, Eeva; Vrignaud, Pierre:

The assessment of pupils' skills in English in eight European countries 2002:
A European Project.

Paris : Min. del la Jeunesse, de l'Éducation nationale et de la Recherche (2004) , 207 p.


Document type
Monographie; Monographie/Autor

Englischunterricht, Schülerleistung, Leistungsmessung, Internationaler Vergleich, Empirische Untersuchung, Dänemark, Deutschland, Finnland, Frankreich, Niederlande, Norwegen, Schweden, Spanien

This project is the follow up of a previous survey of pupils' attainments in English as a foreign language conducted in 1995-1996 in four European countries (France, Spain, Sweden, and later the Netherlands) under the aegis of the European Network of policy makers for the evaluation of education systems. The findings of the project were later presented at a European colloquium held in 1997 and funded under the SOCRATES programme to examine the effectiveness of the teaching of English as a foreign language. As the policy relevance of the topic only increased over the years, the European Network decided to repeat the survey and to extend it to other European countries. In addition to the original participants, Finland, Germany, Norway and Denmark, agreed to take part in this project. The present document describes the background and the methodology of the project and offers a comparative analysis the results of the linguistic test administered in the eight countries which serves as the basis for a national perspective an the results. It falls into 5 sections.

Educational Quality and Evaluation