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Konsortium Bildungsberichterstattung (Hrsg.); Klieme, Eckhard; Döbert, Hans; Baethge, Martin; Füssel, Hans-Peter; Hetmeier, Heinz-Werner; Rauschenbach, Thomas; Rockmann, Ulrike; Wolter, Andrä; Klemm, Klaus:

Education in Germany 2008.
An indicator-based report including an analysis of transitions subsequent to lower secondary education. Summary of important results.

Bielefeld : Bertelsmann (2008) , 28 S.


Document type
Monographie; Monographie/Herausgeber

Bildungsbericht, Bildungssystem, Bildungsbeteiligung, Bildungserfolg, Elementarbereich, Primarbereich, Sekundarstufe I, Übergang, Berufsausbildung, Hochschulbildung, Schüler, Soziale Herkunft, Migrationshintergrund, Bildungsausgaben, Deutschland

This summary presents the main findings of the second national education report ("Bildung in Deutschland 2008. Ein indikatorengestützter Bericht mit einer Analyse zu Übergangen im Anschluss an den Sekundarbereich I") which covers the entire German education system. As a data-based, problem-centred analysis it does not include assessments and recommendations. What is special about the report is that it is mainly based on selected indicators, i. e. statistical parameters, each representing a central feature of education processes or a central aspect of education quality. These indicators are derived from official data and representative socio-scientific assessments and wherever possible, they are compared as regards developments over the past years and decades, broken down by the federal states (Länder) and compared internationally. In this brochure important results concerning a) Provisions and outcomes of the education system, b) Educational pathways and transitions, c) Resources and opportunities and d) Crucial challenges for the next years are presented in brief form.(DIPF/Autor)

Educational Governance