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Brauckmann, Stefan; Pashiardis, Petros:

Gold standards without silver bullets?
Critical review of the current state of evidence as a base for making decisions on policy issues and practice in education.

In: Zembylas, M. (Ed.): Educational policy and curriculum development Nicosia : Open University of Cyprus (2009) , S. 562-655


Document type
Monographieauszug; Sammelwerk/Sonstiges

Bildungsforschung, Empirische Forschung, Evaluation, Forschungsmethode, Einflussfaktor, Institution, Bildungsinformation, Bildungspolitik, Entscheidungsprozeß

The overall goal of this chapter is to review critically the assumptions, promises of the evidence based policy approach against its limitations and future potential. More specifically the review has the following objectives. It should help to explain the renaissance of the evidence based policy approach. Furthermore it is supposed to identify the main stakeholder and their roles in the process of evidence based policy as well as the different types and different uses of evidence. From a rather technical perspective the chapter describes how the quality of the research evidence is measured and how findings are communicated to policy makers and the broader public. Finally an outlookis given on what can be done in order to improve/refine the process of evidence based policy ( knowledge creation, knowledge application, knowledge mediation). (DIPF/ Autor)

Educational Governance